Plebeian Polaroid : Being alone in Singapore


It’s difficult to be alone in Singapore, there is a incredible number of people almost EVERYWHERE, and very few places to explore. It’s usually just the heartlands mall, the mega mall with 8 cinema theatres and the “atas” mall packed with their Gucci tottling Aunties. And it’s not too desirable to spend your downtime alone under the watchful eyes of smug couples, and pedestrians in general (as long as it’s a crowd, it’s usually smug). With that said, if you’re looking for an quiet afternoon of soul searching to brighten your spirits and dampen your cloth (man, it’s so humid these days, we’ll soon win a Guiness award for “Best humility”), the Museum circuit in Singapore is worth your weekend hours.

So, I went exploring today. It’s kinda boring, but because I exaggerate and because I took some polaroids along the way, I am so much cooler for it (I’ll like to think of it that way). Of course, I brought my trusty brollie along, and we thoroughly enjoyed each others company, and even had several intellectual exchanges with each other that was very much like Before Sunset/After Sunrise.

The Peranakan Museum:

pera 1

Pera 3
pera 2

I spy a blue bird!!

The Singapore Philatelic Museum



The word “Philately” is derived from the Greek words “Philos” (Love) and “Atelela” (Paid or Tax-free).

I want to own this terrible North Korea stamp!


Dear Mr Superman, unlike you, I am vulnerable to all sorts of attacks except the magical ones.
We would make good buddies, I could be your Robin!


Don’t blame me! I couldn’t resist!

The Fire Station:
firestation copyIt looks British doesn’t it? I half expected Mr Bean to run across the street and into the fire station with his butt a-flamin’!

Fort Canning Park:

alone4alone 1 copy
I was expecting to capture some great pictures of awesome flora and fauna, but they’re all wilted! Because of the “humilty” i guess.. boo boo…

Fort 5


Fort 3

I was pretty sure they were filing some Bollywood monstrousity here. Maybe its the Indian version of “Slumdog Millionaire”! But i left before any one started singing and dancing. The original plan was to have a lone picnic, I mean, I did try to sit down and eat my sandwich, but I grossed myself out and almost puked. It was too hot lah! Seriously, they should have a warning label on mayonaise jars to say they’re only fit for consumption in air-conditioned places.

The National Museum of Singapore/ Christian Lacroix the costumier:

alone3 copy
For some reason, I told the salesgirl I wanted to buy tickets to the Christian La”Cross” exhibit, just to see if she would correct me. She didn’t though (it’s La”Kwah” i think..) This is the room with all the spinning dresses in the ceiling!

The costumes of “Carmen”



My favourite dress in the exhibit.


Remember those toy windmills from your childhood, they’re back in fashion! Would be a great idea for my Etsy shop if i have one… Windmill headgear. Better still if i could fit one with batteries so it would make some wind for the humid weather!

You can’t really tell from this picture, but it was a magical exit to an afternoon that was well spent alone!


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