This is How You Suffer the Synthesizer


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Passion Pit must have been the only Jewish kids doing the robot at their Bar Mitzvah. (my bad if they are Greek). Since they debuted with the EP, Chunk of Change, they’ve become the best kept secrets of every music crazed person under the age of 30. However, with the new album Manners, you bet people will be making t-shirts about them and all the cool cats are gonna be wearing them for bragging rights.

Whereas Late of the Pier and MGMT were the glorified cheerleaders of the fading Nu-Rave Scene, Passion Pit can be best described as the sensitive choir boys of the not very long awaited electro-resurgence. Singing in an intoxicating falsetto,  Micheal Angelakos’ (the frontman) obviously out to show that there’s a hottie beneath that bouffant beard and he sucessfully claims his place as the hirsute saviour of the indie dance scene. The guy has a seriously tight relationship with his synthesizer; the album is an excellent collaborative effort between the band and their instrument, churning out crazily fetching tunes that will send your hips shaking in commoved fervour. Trust me, if you listen to this album, it’ll be the first time you can coordinate your hands with your feet, and you’ve only got Passion Pit to thank for it.

The 2nd single off the album, Little Secrets is a storm of a melody, with in infectious intro that is in danger of stealing your hearts and your better judgement.

The opening track to the album, Make a Light welcomes you to the band’s neon playground while Kingdom Come catches you offguard with an British chorus after all that 80’s buildup. With the closing track, Seaweed Song, they inject some slow burning optimism. Moth’s Wings, the 3rd track, unfortunately falls casualty to being one of the few low points in the album, where they come close to sounding like Coldplay after Chris Martin had married a hollywood glamourpuss and named his kid after a fruit.

 The good thing is, the new video for The Reeling burns up the screen like running polaroid images; imagine the guys tearing through rolls and rolls of expensive film to produce that oh-so artfully distressed visual bonanza.

It’s  a proven fact, “Manners”  is the modern chorus for our extravagant youths.  To all the cool kids : it’s time to trade your light sabres for some light sticks.


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