I am just completely in love with Veckatimest, Grizzly Bear’s newest album, So I thought it’ll be creative to write the album review in the form of a short story, putting to words the images that the better songs bring to mind (because it is really THAT kind of album, the type that does not have anything particularly catchy, but an experience of sorts you’ll remember as a whole), kinda helps the listener enjoy the music a bit better. In my mind, it would be cool to think of the album as a re-imagining of the Sleeping Beauty classic; “what if the Prince didn’t make it in time to save the Princess and had to do it the hard way that was not written in the books?”. 

But I hadn’t planned for the story to turn out so perverse, and so tediously verbose. It also proves beyond anything that I am approaching the clinically insane,  I just need to earn enough money to buy me a Shrink who could formally certify me so.

Companion playlist to Veckatimest (not all tracks are available as the Album is not yet officially released until May 26):
Two Weeks/ David Letterman
Ready Able
Cheerleader (Free Download courteousy of NME)
While you wait for the others

(P.S. Edward Cullen really does not have any connection with Grizzly Bear, Veckatimest, or anything remotely cool for that matter, I just thought if there is anything that would cheer me up, it would be his ridiculously handsome face, wild tousled hair, fake teeth+cigarette and all..)


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