The sound of electricity

Don’t they look like each other? We’re the new dollies!
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Passion Pit is an electronica band from Boston headed by Micheal Angelakos. It could also be some sort of cloning experiment. Electronic music is nothing new nowadays, but you can tell this group uses some premium equipment.

Their first EP, Chunk of Change,  was written mostly by Angelakos himself, and intended as a Valentine’s Day present for his girlfriend. An album filled with ambiguous, soul-questioning dreampop for the love of your life? What a douche.

Good news is, they’re no longer writing intellectually-threatening songs for their girlfriends, and have just released a new track called “The Reeling” via FrenchKiss, as a prelude to their full length album “Manners“, which comes out in May.

The Reeling has a more distinct popsound than the band’s previous work, it’s kinda like Kylie Minogue with facial hair. Still, the song is  jubilant electronic fare, with the hi-hat accompaniment sending ripples of electronic current through your body like a taser gun.

The trippy video to “Sleepy Head”


It’s about time we got over MGMT, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “The sound of electricity

  1. Hey! Liking your blog! (( : Loved sleepyhead and that entire EP, but really not feeling ‘The Reeling’ but I’m hoping that the rest of the album would be better. Haha, and I only just realised that they do indeed look alike!

    Anywayzzz, check out my blog too haha shameless plug!

    • Sure! I’ll definitely go check out your blog, like right now! and I’m a big fan of shameless plugging.

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