Work out in the gym with Mando Diao



In 1999, Borlange Sweden, Bjorn Dixgard and Gustaf Noren locked themselves in a summerhouse for 14 months to write songs. During this 14 months, they found their humongous talent for music, and possibly true love.


The beginning of a musically productive man crush; Gustaf and Bjorn making out over the microphone.

Since then, Mando Diao has released 5 full length albums, each with varying quality but all filled with unbelievable, sanguine energy. Apparently, Mando Diao stands for nothing but something that came to Bjorn Dixgard in a dream. So this is what incredibly talented musicians dream of, words (possibly chinese) with no meaning;  while the less inspired among us would have been dreaming of numbers and their different permutations.

Mando Diao is one of those rare bands which has two members sharing “lead” vocal duties. Both Bjorn and Gustaf write and sing their own songs, and their gracious and fair distribution of vocal duty in each album shows that they have the kind of mutual respect for each other that only old married couples have. I’m guessing they’re way past the stage of romantic dates.

They also wear thick leather jackets, have cropped hair that has been carefully maintained to look British, and sing tough songs that are pub and brawl-friendly. Well, obviously, its a well crafted act to charm the ladies.  

They debuted proper in 2002, with the album “Bring ‘Em in” and then with the sophomore album, “Hurricane Bar”, they officially unleashed their brand of brave, muscular music much to the enjoyment of European, Swedish and (surprise) Japanese listeners. Besides their rocj ambitions, they also have that other cool trick up their sleeves, the one that is called ” I don’t give a damn about the American listener”, dishing the American music scene again and again by turning down live performances or announcing fake album release dates in the US.

The Band announces their arrival with a cheerful Sunday melody.

Next to be Lowered – their first, courageous attempt at the ballad.

Down in The Past

Is that the Swedish version of “Un Dos Tres” the beginning? God Knows!! (if you are wondering, yes this is the song that you heard while playing Fifa world cup.

You Can’t Steal My Love

The third album, “Ode to Ochrasy” showcases their sensitive side and boy-band ambitions. It’s all sweet, glazed, nicely packaged, and hopelessly uplifting.


Don’t you wish you were caught in The Wildfire, together with mystical teepees, flirtatious glances at a bar and the promise of true love. (If  it was true. )

A glorious keyboard intro and a Song for Aberdeen, the girl who makes you wanna tap your feet with reckless abandonment.

a haunting lullably for the souls in caught in Ochrasy.

Their 4th Album, probably intended as a collection of anthems for people living in mountaineous regions, marks the beginning of a modest slump in their musical career, as “Never seen the light of day” was panned by critics worldwide. But a few precious gems still manage to slip past the cracks and burn bright enough to warrant a fifth coming.

Like staring across wheat fields the shade of pure Gold.

Their latest album “Give Me Fire”, marks a return to the kind of forceful energy  that they’ve started out with. It’s been a while since loud music is popular in the indie scene, but who else to bring it back other than Mando Diao, the original burly-Swedish male music sensation. They’re tough as nails and they’ll chew some meatballs and take you on after.

Blue Lining White Trenchcoat

Give Me Fire

All the songs are like propaganda, they’re strong, powerful and incredibly dangerous (makes you believe that you can punch anyone you want).  And they also sound like Gustaf and Bjorn are competing with each other for “best guttural man-groan”. So if you’re feeling restless and would like to improve your blood and oxygen circulation a little, just have a go at listening to “Give me fire” for a quick pick up.

And oh, the part about the ladies? They’re charmed alright.

Rating for “Give Me Fire”: Rating has been disabled due to excessive tackiness.

Visit Mando Diao’s website.





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