St Exquisite’s Confession: “I’m so sick of sucking the dick of this cruel cruel city…”


Georgie Fruit and gang takes to the stage and VOILA! The sky was raining dandy confetti!

The “Instant Witch” gig is really cruel. Cruel Comedy. It’s a freaking crime to make your fans laugh so hard and so continuously without breaks. OH!! HOW THEY TORTURE MY GUT!

IMG_1527 by you.
Rise up with fists!

IMG_1524 by you.
Fancy psychedelic graphics!

photo824 by you.

photo818 by you.
Kevin Barnes, the guru of indian high fashion, sheds his holy light on us commoners while nourishing our souls with his holy pants.

IMG_1541 by you.
Sawyer from Lost +  Willy Wonka from the chocolate factory = The cute bassist/guitarist

photo822 by you.

photo823 by you.
Attack of the high priest! What assumes to be a religious experience soon turned into  THUNDER!! DOWN UNDER!!!

IMG_1535 by you.
Buddha Jumps onto the stage!
IMG_1537 by you.
Buddha strips!

IMG_1546 by you.

IMG_1547 by you.

IMG_1549 by you.

IMG_1550 by you.

IMG_1551 by you.

Half naked guy in pink leotards jumps on the stage with a huge fruit “package”.. yah That’s one mean package he’s got. He starts chewing and offering apples to the band members and the audience, and ends up chewing an orange before holding his hands up high. squeezing the already mangled body of the bloody orange for the ultimate “orange waterfall”. (this dude definitely qualifies to join a “kumquat – eating” competiton with my friend, who is  also a mad fruit eating person)

IMG_1555 by you.

IMG_1556 by you.Battle to the death! between Tiger who escaped from Siefried and Roy and Symbolically Phallic Faceless Guy. Siegfried Tiger wins after he successfully bites the bird out of Faceless Guy’s Symbolically Phallic parts.

IMG_1561 by you.

IMG_1563 by you.
She’s a Rejector!! Awwww!! the Throes of love…..

IMG_1564 by you.

You can’t see it, but his shirt is so tight, it’s torn at the armpits.

IMG_1568 by you.

IMG_1569 by you.
The Triumph of tiger over Buddha!?

IMG_1571 by you.

IMG_1572 by you.

IMG_1573 by you.
Touched by an angel…Georgie Fruit gets entangled in melodramtic dried ice.

IMG_1578 by you.

IMG_1579 by you.

IMG_1584 by you.
The parrot in the fireman uniform and the Shark in the superman spandex suit are the stage thiefs trying to steal Of Montreal’s encore performance. You can see that at this point, I’m laughing so hard I’m shaking non-stop.

IMG_1585 by you.
and thus the security guard watched the ridiculous performance with ironed aplomb. My god, he did not laugh for one bit.

… Bye bye Georgie Fruit and Gang!!!! Hope you come again soon!!!


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