Rad Remixes

It’s my New Year’s Resolution to give myself peculiar resolutions every year. Needless to say, this year’s resolutions were not excluded from this habit.  2008’s resolutions include:

a) to appear vegan in public. 
b) to excessively train myself in a useless talent in order to get rich and famous. (I don’t know,  people nowadays tend to be drawn to others who have attained a heightened level of uselessness, for example by doing this, twilling pens, or blogging. )
c) (related to the above) To excel in EXPRESS poncho making. (Demetri Martin once had this highly inspiring quote: “You’re only a few seconds away from a poncho”)
d) to find and own a black coloured highlighter. (instead of making you remember the point more,  it makes you forget it. )
e) to KILL the person who invented Microsoft Excel.
f) to not shave my legs when the moon draws to a full so as to raise suspicions in others that I am a werewolf with superhuman strength.

It goes without saying that I have accomplished all of the above ‘cept one.

For this year, I only have 2 resolutions.
1) whilst others would lay out their resolutions for 2009 in Dec’08, I’ll only start adhering to mine from March’09 onwards.
2) to listen to more remixes of songs than songs itself.

I have always prided myself for being able to set complex challenges for the new year. But before I can even begin to practice pt.2, I find it TOO EASY already. Nowadays, remixes and covers no longer sound like slight reworkings of the song; they completely deconstruct and terrorise the original material, stripping away all genre conventions to deliver the kind of  quality that is like a diamond formed under extreme conditions. It’s like, if you ever hear a great track, you just cannot wait for the even greater remix to make its arrival.

A pitchfork-er once quoted: “In the near future, musicians will start releasing entire albums of remixes with a commerative album of originals once in a while.” Well Feist is already doing it. But i can tell you, she’s not the best…

Vampire Weekend vs Miike Snow: The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance.

Lykke Li:
I’m good I’m Gone (Friendly Fires Remix)
 I’m Good I’m Gone (Black Kids Remix)

Justice Vs Simian Mobile Disco : We are your friends

Mystery Jets doing lotsa other people:
vs Leona Lewis “Bleeding Love”
vs Aztec Camera “Somewhere in my heart”
vs Bloc Party “Pioneers”

Friendly fires gets re-done by Air France!!:
(free download) Skeleton Boy


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