Lykke Li : Youth Novels


I guess it’s an understatement to say that this review is long over due. But hey, at least i am making SOME KIND  of statement (be it under, over, lousy, bank or whatever). But on a more serious note, if you have not heard of Lykke Li before, then you’re probably residing on at the wrong spectrum of audio appreciation. That, and you may also be listening to Rihanna now (whom by the way had just been allegedly beaten up by her boyfriend, no unpleasantness or sympathy intended in any way).

There is incredible hype surrounding this album, but the truth is, Lykke Li shot the photos that made up her CD sleeves way before the songs were done. During the photoshoot, she got lost in all that fabric and while stranded, penned a 14 part meditation on her feelings towards the colour grey. That meditation was then given the name “Youth Novels”.

So was her album worth the hype? Well, fashion monsters would advocate grey as the colour that would go with anything and everything.  From the fiery red passion of “I’m Good, I’m Gone” to the delectable pastels of “Dance, dance, dance”, to the neon undertones of “Complaint Department”,  Lykke Li has choosen the colour grey as the backdrop to showcase a kaleidescope of varying shades in one of the more fashionable musical efforts of last year. Each song starts out bright, and naive, but at the end transforms into  lingering sophistication the shade of grey.

I love Scandinavians, whether its the lack of colour in their hair, the way their women never sound older than 16, or the way they give unpronounciable names to their furniture. And Lykke Li is just such a fabulous piece of Scandinavian that i wouldn’t risk more ridiculous words describing. So the conclusion is, buy this album (especially when there is a sale on it at HMV right now), and the next time, if you happen to see any album by an artist named Ole, Bjorn or Ikea, you should just buy it too.

Verdict: 85 yards of fabric out of a hundred.

Choice Cuts:

Tonight: Acoustic Version


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