Little Joy – Little Joy

You get the distinct idea that the people behind this album are not particularly well groomed or nice smelling (well maybe before the girl starts singing anyway). Sung and played by lazy amoeba-like folks who dream of sweet motivation the shade of glazed sunshine, the music bares a back-to-basics approach; no slick production and confusing arrangements to gratify the young folks who are obssessed with their skinny pants and the way their fringe is parted. Which does not mean this album is not good for you, because it is actually like Vitamin Cheer. Little Joy is a worshipper of the God of Small things, Light on the music but SO heavy on the joy.

 There is something very attractively up-lifting about having nothing on your hands so they are free to jazz, and having a light, penniless wallet so your hips are free to sway. And that is exactly how this album is meant to be enjoyed, put all the doubts about the economy and the future and Obama aside, and this would do a fine job of cleaning you up mentally.

The band’s talent goes in line with those of The Dodos and Vampire Weekend, by making simple things resonate, albeit in a less creative way. To give a general idea, the music sounds like a “low fi” version of The Strokes (which is not very general at all considering that the band does contain a member of the Strokes) and a more “dancy” Belle and Sebastian.

 Little Joy – Can you spot the Stroke?

Just so they don’t down you with too much do-nothing-and-it-will-be-fine optimism, the band does throw in a few tracks that hint of grief and perhap greatness. An example is “With Strangers”, a slow dancing, brutally honest post-breakup soliloquy to a wounded heart. It’s that kind of innate veracity that will force you to be honest with yourself and make you sparkle with yearning.

Which is all very depressing, so just go drink lots of water, keep yourself hydrated, and move on to the next track.


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