Mystery Jets – Making Dens

To love this band as much as I do, a little education is required. The Mystery Jets hails from a forgotten part of Britain called Eel Pie Island. The frontman (Blaine Harrison) was born with Spina Bifida, a condition which means he could only go as far as his crutches could take him.(which is a pity considering the fact that he sings like someone who would continue dancing even after his pants had split wide in the middle).

Weird but likeable facts aside, the band’s debut outing is exactly the type of album that’s going to inspire tons of silly analogies from even the most jaded reviewer. By the time the band breaks into the 21st bar of the shiner, “You can’t fool me Dennis” (see how I’m trying to fu*k with your brains here? Wonder how many would actually count all the way to the 21st bar) all logic would have collapsed and you’ll be crashing down in brutal spirals of melancholic beauty. Their music is by no means subtle, but the guitar riffs screaming in loud honesty in each track will send rivulets of nostalgia down your enfeebled spine.

The album then continues to charge forward with fast and furious joints of finger snapping merriness before turning around with tracks like “Soluble in Air” and “Little Bag of Hair”. Both songs emote with such sincere grief it will ignite the residual loneliness that rests quietly in the hearts of most people. Mid album divider, “Zoo time” begins by firing off a fusillade of clashing sounds and ends in a delirium of colliding emotions, whereas “Alas Agnes” glistens with such shiny optimism, your eyes will literally be reflecting rainbows in the sky as the song closes.

This is an album you’ll want to listen together with a good friend, or while lounging your head on the shoulders of a loved one; to serve as a reminder of that particular period in your life you’ve spent together. Depending on what type of melancholy you’re tripping over, it could either make you desire to go back to that age where you thought fabric paint could save the world, or indulge you to miss dearly the one who could have made you happy.


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