Kazuo Ishiguro – Never Let Me Go

Why!!! Why do I always find myself reading depressing books like this! It’s books like this that puts other books like “The Ashepumante Code” on the weekly best selling list…..

Kazuo Ishiguro’s newest book is literature with such unbearable lightness, you’ll find yourself ironically pinned under a ton of heartache. Unlike authors such as Micheal Onjaatje or Gabriel Garcia Marquez, simple, clear descriptions make up Ishiguro’s laconic prose and the lack of breathtaking imagery to defend yourself from the face of true beauty will strip you bare and vulnerable to the haunting poignancy of the story.

In short, its about three childhood friends, Kathy, Tommy and Ruth, who grew up together in a private school where cloned children were shielded from the outside world and taught to feel special about themselves. Although Kathy had long tried to put this idllylic past behind her, the entrance and sudden exit of these two friends in her life will force her to relive those memories in painful details again.

“Never Let Me Go” is a cautionary tale of morality; about the nostalgia our pragmatic world feels for the idealistic realm of the past. More than that, it is also about how we manage to handle ourselves with aplomb; why we do not end up screaming and crying at the top of our lungs every now and then. In the predictable banality of our every day life, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference if we did.


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