Afro-Nerd Disco!


I bought Vampire Weekend’s Vampire Weekend  in Japan’s HMV and it has been my favourite companion during public transportation ever since (Although CDs in Japan were commonly known to be dressed in sky high prices which would make your wallet self-combust, this one came at a “bargain” price of around 25 SGD. Weird enough they had all these other good stuff like Deerhoof etc on sale, whereas a “FINEST TURKEY HILLS COMPILATION” album named “THE WORLD OF GOLDEN EGGS MUSIC” by a bunch of animated-to-look-retarded characters was priced a hefty 45-60SGD, and was disturbingly at the top of the HMV charts.. If that doesn’t show that the Japanese had weird taste, i dunno what does… And just to show that i’m not lying…….)

Vampire Weekend is a bunch of well-to-do New York kids who study alot and idle around in their manicured lawns listening to African Pop while talking about how “tacky” money is. YES. It’s THAT kind of music written by THAT kind of people. Rich white music.

They are a laidback and obviously well-read bunch, with nary a worry in the world and relaxing, uncomplicated melodies are the fruits of their ennui. There is undeniably something academic about their music, which is largely inspired by African pop combined with the members’ respective classical intuitions. It’s a multitude of simple tunes stitched together by eruditely writtened lyrics and calming, preppy arrangements made from a pallet of charmed organs, violins, collegiate guitars, understated percussion and gurgling marimbas. They give the feeling of being back in campus, where going from one lecture to another was our main raison detre. If you’re already a member of the working class, you’ll appreciate it more for this.

This album is probably what nerds would dance to, and if your main diet consists of indie music scenesters playing loud electro mish mash that is over the top and mostly overrated, there is no doubt you might find Vampire Weekend a tat too boring for your liking. However, listening to this album is rather similar to watching falling dominoes, its ultimately boring, but there is something cerebral and rewarding about watching one block falling after another, while little surprises are unveiled here and there so you won’t be entirely dissapointed.

Oxford Comma

My personal favourite: From 2:25 onwards, its like looking through slowly unfrosting glasses after a freezing ride on the bus, strangely motivating….

Kinda romantic don’t you think?

Exuberant stuff, boring pictures….

And finally the nerd disco…..


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