NEON NEON – Stainless Style


On their Myspace profile, NEON NEON’s music is classified under electro/ pop/crunk.


CRUNK! How outstanding, the only time I’ve ever heard about crunk was on an episode of America’s Next Top Model that was like from maybe 10 years ago. And it didn’t leave a good impression, not even after today. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned I tell you.


NEON NEON is a collaboration between Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip (the former responsible for the synth pop and the latter for the hip hop crunking), while Stainless Style is their concept album that sounds like two albums for the price of one, its tracks alternating between 80’s style pop tart and crunkin’-from-da-hood hip hop.


What’s so amazing is that when it comes to the 80’s style pop tart, this is as close as it get to being authentic. You’ll think this album was probably conceived during the hey-days of Duran Duran and Eurhymthics and preserved in a time capsule until today. It’s a drooling pop hazard overkill accessorized with hissing synthesizers, juicy pop rhythms and bouncy beats. And a dandy male head voice from the beginning to the end to complete the whole package.


I can’t say much about the crunk though, I’ve never had an ear for hip hop. I mean, I always figured what’s so good about music that makes you wanna dance in a way as if to wreck your intestinal mid section? The best way I could appreciate this is to treat each intersecting crunk track as a comic relief in between all that 80’s monstrosity.



Stainless Steel is probably 2 percent originality, 30 percent audacity and 68 percent unabashed 80s idolatry, which also means it is fun as hell.


The only track that is remotely original is the headlining single, I LUST YOU, which you can hear by clicking this.

The synths sissy farts it’s way through a half hearted intro and the song goes on to be a rather sensible electro pop track, what with the lyrical wise cracks ( “and I LUV U, only if the price is right”) and Welsh singer Cate Le Bon’s amorously misty vocals. It’s a sexy, head turner track that smacks like a good lip.


Raquel is synth pop heaven perfect for a drive down Ang Mo Kio Central with your ah beng comrades, while Belfast breaks suddenly into a surprising electro mish mash that sounds like the poor man’s version of Daft Punk.


If not for its rather indie roots (Gruff Rhys was from the Super Furry Animals), NEON NEON would have exceedingly outdone its crudeness to become a bonafide opium for the masses. It’s that type of album you like to disguise with a Radiohead CD sleeve and keep it in a place where light does not shine on, because it is not exactly what you would call classy, even in the least. But heck, even if you feel guilty, you’ll have quite some fun with it.




I told her on alderaan



7 Disco Stus ………………………………………………………………………. and a gay steel mill


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